Terrarium Workshops

Looking for a fun event for your closest friends or work colleagues? Terrarium workshops are a perfect event to create special memories between friends and a memento you can enjoy at home or in the workplace. Our workshops can be customised to fit your needs. So if you’re looking for a quick lunch-time jaunt or a relaxing afternoon gossiping and relaxing with your closest friends we have the work-shop for you.

Basic Floral Workshops

Are you looking to brighten your home or work space? Our basic floral workshops are designed for the busy professional looking to make simple arrangements to impress your family, work colleagues and friends. Our workshops will show you how to add balance and composition to any floral arrangement, including a demonstration of how to balance colour, shapes and flowers. Our workshops are perfect for individuals or small groups.

Fresh Flower and Hand Bouquet Workshops

Are you looking to impress your friends with a new skill or looking for a side hustle to earn those extra dollars? Our fresh flower and hand bouquet workshops are designed to show you how to arrange hand bouquets, how to wrap and how to professionally present your flowers. Our workshops are perfect for individuals and groups and can be customised for any occasion or event.

Preserved Flower Dome Workshops

Preserved flower domes are growing in popularity, along with terrariums preserved flower domes look great and they can maintain there colour and vibrancy for months and even years. Our workshops are designed to introduce you to the flower dome concept, and how to get the best out of the arrangement. Flower domes are perfect when you want to create a memorable scene, like a loving moment or some-thing fun and whimsical like Lego or kids favourite small toy. So if your looking to capture a personal and memorable moment with a flower dome our personalised flower dome workshops are perfect for you.

Vase Arrangements Workshops

A beautiful vase can lift any flower arrangement. Together both flowers and a lovely vase can command any space at home or at work. If you want to create a lovely vase arrangement for a unique space our vase arrangement workshops are perfect for you. We can work with you on your concept and idea and together we can create something unique and special for your space.

Table Arrangement Workshops

Are you looking to create a special and colourful vibe for a dinner party or are you looking to greet your customers with a splash of colour at your restaurant? Our table arrangement workshops are perfect for you. We can work with you to discuss your concept and the impression you are looking to make on your guests. We will workshop with you how to present your concept from the different types of glass wear options or which plant is right for you. Let us guide you on how to showcase to your guest what a great host you are.

Basket and Box Arrangement Workshops

Are you looking to step up your gifting game? Are you the type of gifted who really wants to make an impression on your friends or loved ones on Valentine’s Day, or birthdays or mother day? Our basket and box arrangement works shops are perfect for you. We’ll show you how to present a basket or box arrangement, make sure it fits your needs and is presented in a way that will wow the giftee.

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