About Chillberry Flower

At Chillberry Flower we understand the central role flowers play in our lives. We gift flowers to loved ones to tell them how much we love them, to mothers, just to say thank you. Flowers can even say thanks for helping me through a tough time, and congratulations on the new born, or our thoughts are with you in a time of crisis or death. Flowers are used to make our special days like weddings even more special and colourful. Flowers and terrariums can be used to brighten our homes and our work places. For all those needs and for all those moments Chillberry Flower wants to serve you in our own unique way.

Our mission and our promise to you is to deliver beautiful flowers to enrich the space you live in and to contribute to the major events in your life. We will strive to deliver quality flowers and products that will reflect the time and effort put into their presentation that you can proudly show off to your friends and loved ones.

Chillberry Flower was born out of s desire to bring beautiful flowers to Singapore and to enliven the spac-es and events in which we live and experience. Singapore is the garden city, and you only need to stroll through the botanical gardens, enjoy the flowered planter boxes around Marina Bay or amaze at the walled garden wonderland of the PARKROYAL on Pickering to understand how much we as Singapore-ans love to experience intense vivid colour in our flowers.

We are located only steps from the PARKROYAL Hotel at Havelock 2 in the heart of our garden city. Come in and talk to our trained staff on your requirements and we will be happy to outline our collection and how it can enrich the memory, impression or event you want to create.